The Best Boiled Peanuts Around

Located in Givhans, SC

Happy beautiful Monday. We will be keeping an eye on the weather this week for the big weekend coming up. The forecast has already changed from yesterday, so we will keep an eye out.

The plans for this week are as follows:

Friday at Chub and Tubbs on Dorchester across from Bosch around noon til probably 6. As weather conditions permit.

Saturday AND Sunday at THE SPOT, 17a and 61n, between Summerville and Cottageville/Walterboro. We plan to arrive around 11 on both days and stay til 5, unless we sell out first, 😉😉. As weather permits.

Make plans to come get your favorite boiled peanut that ONLY comes from Uncle Chuck’s Boiled Peanuts. Our exclusive recipes bring that hankering that can only be found from Uncle Chuck.
Oh yeah, we also cater to the super chilliheads. We got the hottest sauces on earth. Come try if you dare. Heat is NOT for everyone, so we have two just for you.

Flavor lovers: Carolina Original Salted AND Carolina Spice.

Chilliheads: Carolina Fire & Spice AND Carolina X. Also, that hot chocolate candy, Carolina Fire Bites. The Duel potato chip. Silencer (tincture from the Carolina Reaper, Pepper X and Chocolate Buhtlah). Carolina Reaper powder key fobs for on the go heat. Carolina Reaper Squeezins hot sauce. Gator (Pepper X)
**For those that aren’t aware, Pepper X is now the hottest pepper on the planet.

Come check us out, you WON’T be disappointed. These aren’t gas station peanuts.

Call if needed, 8432245838 or 8432245834.

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