The Best Boiled Peanuts Around

Located in Givhans, SC


About Us

We are blessed with the best customers of any. We try to produce a product that’s the same every time people come out. So whether they get it this week, or in five weeks, they get the same thing. We also try to hold the price at something that people can afford and a product that they can enjoy.

We are a God-centered, family owned business that has been selling boiled peanuts since around 2009. We started out only making one flavor, Carolina Salted Original. Our customers asked for something different, so we prayed and God answered: Carolina Spice. This is our recipe that is all about the flavor without the heat.

Then, our customers wanted something hotter. In 2019, we added Carolina Fire and Spice, all the flavor plus the heat. Some of the braver ones wanted it even hotter, which is when we added Carolina X – not for the faint of heart. Both of these recipes use Carolina Reaper and Pepper X, which are two of the hottest peppers on the planet created by Ed Currie @ Puckerbutt Pepper Company out of Fort Mill, SC.

We normally set up on Saturdays, Sundays at the corner of Highway 61N and 17A, Ridgeville SC. We also setup at Chub and Tubbs on Dorchester across from Bosch on Fridays. For information on where and when we are setting up, please follow our Facebook page: Uncle Chuck’s Boiled Peanuts. We also participate in events and take special orders for parties and gatherings. Contact us for more information.

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