The Best Boiled Peanuts Around

Located in Givhans, SC

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your peanuts?
– We buy our peanuts from the farmer’s market in either Columbia or Lexington.

What kind of peanuts do you use?
– Virginia jumbo white-skin peanuts.

Do you ever make green peanuts?
– We do when they are in season, but it also depends on the quality of the peanuts.

Do you have ham flavored?
– No, we do not use any meat products because of the high risk of bacteria and food poisoning.

Can you ship peanuts to me?
– We can ship frozen peanuts using dry ice, but the cost of shipping is quite expensive. Currently, it seems as though in state (SC) shipping is the only option, but please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Are you available for events and festivals?
– Yes, we are! We’ve attended the Gopher Hill Festival in Ridgeland, SC, the Shrimp Festival in Yemassee, SC, Schutzenfest in Ehrardt, SC, and Edisto Blackwater Boogie at Givhans Ferry State Park, just to name a few!

How can I order peanuts for an event I’m having?
– We can do special orders for graduations, birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc. Message us through our Facebook page

Do you take credit cards?
– We take debit and credit cards. However, we aren’t set up for gift cards or SNAP.

Where are you guys gonna be today?
– Check our Facebook page for posts about where we will be!

Can I buy peanuts when you guys aren’t set up roadside?
– Yes, 5 pound minimum (mix or match). They will be frozen if I don’t have fresh ones made and it also depends on how far you are from 17A and 61N (our normal location).

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